Welcome to my world of images!

Sections of life





Sometimes scenes just suddenly appear. Sometimes you have to chase something that can describe a feeling or a mood  that you want to catch and view.
A picture can say more than words. Perhaps the thought of the image is not always obvious to the viewer, but it can still be something that touches or that tickles the imagination. Maybe something that lingers for a while. But it can also be an image that just describes the beauty of what we see, whether it is a budding flower or an old worn-out tool. 

Nature never stops to fascinate, but not other things we have around us either. It may be a graying barn wall, a wrecked car or a mossy, broken gate. Something that tells a story we can only imagine and fantasize about.
It makes me happy to sneak among the bushes and shrubs to search subject with the camera. Often on hands and knees with my nose in a flower admiring some interesting winged insect.