To create is to live!

Drawing is for me a way to process life, thoughts and ideas.To sit down alone with a pen and a paper is like turning off the outside world and go into your inner and in quietness have a meeting with your self. It is both meditative and restful.

 I want my pictures to be ambiguous and symbolic. Depict a world between dream, fantasy and reality, between the state of consciousness and unconsciousness. An attempt to imagine the unseen and the unspeakable and to make it visible.

 In the water drops rests the inner life, the emotions, the thoughts, the dreams and "the longings".
Dragonflies often appear in my drawings and they are very special to me.

I want to leave the rest to the viewers imagination and personal experiences to interpret the images. 
We face everything in life with what we carry in our own "backpack".  

And nothing can be wrong in that experience.

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Eva Ekenberger

Eva Ekenberger