This are some of the tasks included when creating hats and it's just the
  imagination that sets the limits. Large or small, straw or felt (wool), restrained or fanciful,
  flowers or feathers, everyday or festive. Just choose!

Hats make you happy!

You can please both yourself and people around you when wearing a hat.
  Many claim that they do not look good in hats, but I think there is a hat for everyone.

If you are interested in any of my hats please feel free to make contact.  (see contact page).






My favourite with purple Hydrangeas













Midnight Blue melusine


Black slouch hat with grain pecking rooster and hens
Seeds of glass beads













"Wicked stepmother hat"






The little black one








Maria's black hat
with white lily








Ulla's  red hat






Johan's  fishing hat 
with fishing lures and magpie feather